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Teaching English to Children
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Teaching English to Children

A few years ago I had a busy and exciting summer. I was preparing for teaching English to children in Hungary. After having teaching experience only with adults this was a big challenge for me. I learnt to play the flute, different verses, nursery rhymes, songs in English, clapped the rhythm of songs and tried to find out how to stand in front of small children and how to introduce a song, a poem, a tale or whatever, and what is going to happen in the English lesson of 25-30 minutes. I thought before it would never happen in my life to teach foreign languages to children. The world of children is a different world, you have to talk to them in a different way. Therefore it is a big but very nice challenge to change yourself into a child, or put it more precisely, it is a big but very nice challenge to reawaken the child living in us! The most important argument on the side of early English teaching at school  is that children grow into the language merely through their ability to mime the teacher and they develop speech ability, too, in a period when their speech organs are very flexible to form the sounds of another language.  Read here the whole experience about Teaching English to Children

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Teaching English to Children is fun!
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