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I heartily recommend the following method and its strategies to language teachers and learners as a practice inspired by Kato Lomb, my favourite Hungarian polyglot, who during her life learnt 27 languages and worked as an interpreter using 16 of them.

Autorhythmy helps learners: 

–to understand the spoken language; 

– to practice the foreign language with their interests or professional areas, current affairs, favourite movies, music, lyrics and novels,; 

–to build a comprehensive vocabulary of the learnt language; 

–express themselves spontaneously in the foreign language;

As an enthusiastic language learner I was looking for practical ways of language learning when I stumbled upon Kato Lomb’s method 20 years ago. Her mehtod was based in fact partly on strategies of earlier polyglots like Heinrich Schliemann or Giuseppe Mezzofanti, and like a many great things it is very simple learn more here

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