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A guide for Language Teachers, with Techniques and Materials for Grades 4-9

paperback, 217 pages 
ISBN 978-963-06-2121-2

Welcome to Alec Templeton's site! It is a great pleasure to announce that the first edition of Alec Templeton’s book Teaching English to Teens and Preteens has been sold out and we have now prepared a second revised edition.


Here you have some plays you may use in your classes (download for free). 

The choice of a play depends mainly on the age group. General consideration should be given to:
1. Whether the character and atmosphere of the play are appropriate for
the age group. Has the play the depth necessary to appeal to the pupils
2. Whether the piece will help the pupils to differentiate between right and
wrong, beautiful and ugly;
3. Whether the play transmits knowledge of aspects of nationality, giving an
experience of a foreign culture.

The Fall of Troy – (class 5); 

Dick Whittington - a play for class 6 or 7 by Robert Sim, based on the English Folk Tale ;

This is a famous nursery story about a historic figure, Dick Whittington. Thanks to
the affectionate care of Mr Fitzwarren Dick Whittington, an orphan has the chance
to stop sleeping rough in the streets as one of the homeless. By selling his cat in a
foreign land plagued by rats (where cats were unknown) he grows rich. Eventually
he becomes Sir Richard Whittington, a historical figure who was Mayor of London
in 1397, 1406 and 1409 during the reigns of Richard II and Henry IV. During the
14th and 15th centuries the upper classes referred to buying and selling for profi t
as ‘achat’, which ordinary people may have understood as ‘a cat’.

King Arthur and Morgana Le Fay (Class 7);

This piece illustrates the entire development of King Arthur, from the beginning
when he is a young page, to his death at the end of the play. He learns self-discipline
and resists temptation.


King Beetle Tamer (Class 4)

The story is about a poor boy named Orfeo, who, because of his love of animals, is
given a ring by a magpie. Whoever owns this ring is allowed to marry the princess.
However, as Orfeo does not come from a noble family, the king opposes the match,
but Orfeo proves by his intelligence that he is worthy to become the husband of the
princess. When her father dies, Orfeo himself becomes king.

You will find in the book Teaching English to Teens and Preteens amongst other important topics an introduction to play-acting in the classroom, a contribution written by Robert Sim. You can learn about how to introduce a play to the class, how to allocate the parts etc.

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